Professional INstallation Services From Beginning To End

You’ve decided on the best solutions for you after consulting with our experts about the ideal replacement windows and doors for your home. When working with the Bay Area Window Factory you can be certain that you’re working with our professionals and most importantly NO Subcontractors ever! With the Bay Area Window Factory, you will not get third-party installers, because when you work with us you get our people and no one else.

Why is that important? For a wide range of reasons, and let’s explain why. At Bay Area Window Factory, we want your installation to go seamlessly and without hiccups. By using our own employees, we can’t lose control of the installation and it allows us to be involved of every aspect, if needed. That way, we can guarantee the quality of the installation, as well as a full cleanup afterward.

Our qualifications and expertise are of the highest caliber in the industry, so when we do any installation for you, you also get that much-needed peace of mind. When people get replacement windows and doors installed by us, we always give them the overall customer service they want and expect at the Bay Area Window Factory.